scoundrel [n] person who is deceptive and uncaring of others bad egg*, bad news*, blackguard*, black sheep*, caitiff, cheat, creep, crook, dastard, good-for-nothing*, heel, imp, incorrigible, lowlife*, maggot*, mischief maker, miscreant, ne’er-do-well*, rascal, reprobate, scalawag, scamp, thief, vagabond, villain, wretch; concept 412

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  • Scoundrel — Scoun drel, n. [Probably from Prov. E. & Scotch scunner, scouner, to loathe, to disgust, akin to AS. scunian to shun. See {Shun}.] A mean, worthless fellow; a rascal; a villain; a man without honor or virtue. [1913 Webster] Go, if your ancient,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Scoundrel — Scoun drel, a. Low; base; mean; unprincipled. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • scoundrel — index convict, hoodlum, malefactor, wrongdoer Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • scoundrel — 1580s, skowndrell, of unknown origin. One suggestion is Anglo Fr. escoundre (O.Fr. escondre) to hide, hide oneself, from V.L. *excondere, from L. condere to hide (see ABSCOND (Cf. abscond)), The main objection to this theory is that hundreds of… …   Etymology dictionary

  • scoundrel — *villain, blackguard, knave, rascal, rogue, scamp, rapscallion, miscreant Analogous words: *criminal, felon, malefactor, culprit …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • scoundrel — ► NOUN ▪ a dishonest or unscrupulous person. DERIVATIVES scoundrelism noun scoundrelly adjective. ORIGIN of unknown origin …   English terms dictionary

  • scoundrel — [skoun′drəl] n. [prob. a disparaging dim. < Anglo Fr escoundre (for OFr escondre), to abscond < VL * scondere, aphetic for L abscondere, ABSCOND] a mean, immoral, or wicked person; rascal scoundrelly adj …   English World dictionary

  • scoundrel — [[t]ska͟ʊndrəl[/t]] scoundrels N COUNT (disapproval) If you refer to a man as a scoundrel, you mean that he behaves very badly towards other people, especially by cheating them or deceiving them. [OLD FASHIONED] He is a lying scoundrel! …   English dictionary

  • scoundrel — UK [ˈskaʊndrəl] / US noun [countable] Word forms scoundrel : singular scoundrel plural scoundrels old fashioned a man who behaves in an unfair or dishonest way …   English dictionary

  • scoundrel — noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1589 a disreputable person ; rascal • scoundrel adjective • scoundrelly adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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